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Taste the wholesome goodness of America’s native superfruits.

Pine Barrens Native Fruits offers products straight from the hearts and hands of 5th generation cranberry and blueberry farmers , Joe Darlington & Brenda Conner. Experience foods exploding with natural flavor and goodness. We don’t “flavor” our products, our products simply have flavor, authentically and naturally! That flavor comes from choosing the best-tasting varieties, growing them in their native environment, harvesting them at their peak, and then sorting out only the highest quality berries for use in our products. We then use whole berries in our product recipes to make sure ALL the healthy goodness and flavor gets to your family.

Experience the Native Agri-Culture difference for yourself.

Great relationships are never a one-way thing, so while we hope that you invite us into your home through our products, we also invite you to our farm through tours and special events.  Come on out and learn about our history, our heritage, our business, our culture, and of course our farming activities. We don’t hire people to entertain you … 5th generation cranberry and blueberry grower, Brenda Conner provides the inside scoop and personally gives you the opportunity to experience what happens every day on a 160-year old working farm in the Pine Barrens.

Featured Tour

2016 Cranberry Harvest Tour

Come out and see for yourself what happens on a working cranberry farm! Start in our new Heritage Hall, where 5th generation cranberry grower, Brenda Conner will present “Cranberries, NJ & You.” Learn about the native agriculture difference and how the cranberry industry preserved the Pine Barrens, the largest wilderness area between Boston and Richmond. In about 45 minutes Brenda will cover a lot of local history and cranberry culture through personal stories and entertaining, but little-known facts. (Brenda is always happy to answer questions too, so don’t be shy!)
Next, it is out to the bogs on our specially designed bus. Every seat is a window seat with panoramic views. Unlike demonstration farms, your experience will take you right into the heart of a working cranberry farm. See the crews picking and gathering the fruit as they work in a sea of floating cranberries. Brenda will narrate and explain everything that is happening as the crew works to water harvest the cranberries … it’s even better than the two guys from the commercials!
And a trip to the farm just wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to eat some cranberries!! Enjoy a cooking demonstration that will include family recipes as well as those from Brenda’s own kitchen. Learn about the health benefits as you get to see and taste cranberries prepared in a variety of ways. Throughout the presentation lots of easy serving and gifting ideas will be shared and all participants get a free recipe booklet.

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