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The 2016 Cranberry Harvest Season is just on the other side of Summer!

Come out and see for yourself what happens on a working cranberry farm!  Start in our new Heritage Hall, where 5th generation cranberry grower, Brenda Conner will present “Cranberries, NJ & You.”  Learn about the native agriculture difference and how the cranberry industry preserved the Pine Barrens, the largest wilderness area between Boston and Richmond.  In about 45 minutes Brenda will cover a lot of local history and cranberry culture through personal stories and entertaining, but little-known facts.  (Brenda is always happy to answer questions too, so don’t be shy!)
Next, it is out to the bogs on our specially designed bus.  Every seat is a window seat with panoramic views.  Unlike demonstration farms, your experience will take you right into the heart of a working cranberry farm.  See the crews picking and gathering the fruit as they work in a sea of floating cranberries. Brenda will narrate and explain everything that is happening as the crew works to water harvest the cranberries … it’s even better than the two guys from the commercials! 
And a trip to the farm just wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to eat some cranberries!!  Enjoy a cooking demonstration that will include family recipes as well as those from Brenda’s own kitchen.  Learn about the health benefits as you get to see and taste cranberries prepared in a variety of ways.  Throughout the presentation lots of easy serving and gifting ideas will be shared and all participants get a free recipe booklet.

Our flagship tour!  Guided by 5th generation cranberry grower, Brenda Conner.

Expect to spend approximately 3 hours experiencing everything cranberry!

Reservations required.

For more information, call us at 888-272-6264 or email

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We are excited that the 2017 Tour Season has new and exciting features such as Cannonballs to Cranberries ...

New Jersey’s contributions to the War for Independence affected not only its citizens, but also its natural environment -- nearly to the point of complete ruin. Learn about how Joe’s ancestors were instrumental in moving the metal industries westward, thereby greatly reducing the over-harvesting of forests to make charcoal for furnaces and the strip mining for bog iron. As these industries left the area several Piney families acquired large tracts of the “barren” land and healed them through native agriculture. We know it today as the Pine Barrens, the largest area of open space between Boston, MA and Richmond, VA.

New Jersey was known as the “Crossroads of the Revolution.” This program covers a lot of New Jersey’s colonial history, its part in the Revolution, including stories of smuggling and rebellion, relationships and politics, industry and innovations. New Jersey has some of the richest American history of any state in the Union. From the Tea Act to Tea Parties, tea was front and center. Tea was enjoyed by everyone in colonial days, and knowing your teas and your tea etiquette was part of the cultural fabric of the colonies. Choose your own tea at our Tea Bar; and during the program we will tip our caps and cups to some of our colonial history!

For more information, call us at 888-272-6264 or email

... and Blueberry Beginnings.

Learn how the global blueberry industry got its start in the hands and heart of a woman named Elizabeth C. White.  (Joe’s Aunt Lizzy)
Elizabeth White (portrayed by Brenda Conner, wife of Elizabeth’s great-nephew) will share some memories from her childhood, her involvement in her father’s cranberry farm and business, and her experiences in developing the cultivated blueberry, and founding a new agricultural industry.  She will also discuss some of her lesser-known interests and achievements. 
Then Elizabeth will take you on a bus tour of Whitesbog Farm Village, and tell you about the village her father founded from the family’s point of view.  Finally, Elizabeth White will invite you into her home, known as Suningive.
The content of this program in compiled from family diaries & letters, Elizabeth’s own speeches and writings, recorded interviews and other primary sources.
Brenda will tell you about the health benefits of this delicious native Pine Barrens berry and let you taste products created in her own kitchen from the blueberry varieties that came from Elizabeth White’s own hand.

Expect to spend approximately 2 hours immersed in everything blueberry!

For more information, call us at 888-272-6264 or email

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Your turn is onto Pasadena Road. NOT BBB Road or Mt. Misery Road.

2016 Tour Calendar

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Payment for individual tour tickets, must be paid in full at the time of their booking.  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express or a check.  Any dates tentatively discussed without payment is a courtesy to you and will NOT be held until paid in full.
A deposit of 50% of the total group tour price, must be paid at the time of booking.  The remaining balance for your group tour, is due on the day of your tour.

Cancellation Policy:
Individual Ticket Sales:

Cancellations made thirty days prior to your tour date will be fully refunded.
Cancellations made 29 to 15 days prior to your tour date will be issued 50% refund of paid amount. 
Any cancellations made 14 days or less prior to your tour date, are unable to be refunded.   

Group  Tours:
To receive a full refund of your deposit, a group tour cancellation must be made thirty days prior to your tour date.
If cancellation is made less than thirty days prior to your tour date we are unable to refund your deposit due to the fact that we will be less likely to rebook that tour on short notice.  

Other Policies:
Our bus tours run RAIN OR SHINE.    
If you need to switch tour dates, please note that all deposit and our cancellation policies apply.  A switch would consist of a cancellation as well as a new deposit.

For more information, call us at 888-272-6264 or email